Barns, Horses and Work

Alfred Watson was born in Pittsburgh but spent his early childhood in the town of Clarksburg, West Virginia. His favorite past time there was exploring the farms outside the city and dream of owning a farm of his own one day.

Sadly, that dream was put on hold in 1924 when his father deserted the family, and he returned to city of his birth with his mother and younger sister. He would remain in the Pittsburgh the start World War II.

A a job transfer took him North to the small town of Franklin, Pennsylvania. The surrounding farms reminded him of his childhood in West Virginia.

He began to photograph the barns, horses and people he saw on his way to inspect the oil refineries


Lone Barn, mid 1940s
This serene and peaceful image of a Pennsylvania barn is highlighted by an intricate design of fleecy white clouds overhead.
Teamwork, mid 1940s
In an era before gas-driven tractors, a farmer plows his field with his team of white horses. Image taken in Venango County, Pennsylvania.
Waiting, mid 1940s
A horse peeks his head out of a barn as he waits for his owner to return from the fields. Taken in Venango County, Pennsylvania.
Winding Road, mid 1940s
A farmer drives his team along a winding road in rural Venango County, Pennsylvania while a passenger enjoys the ride.