By late 1942, Alfred Watson photographs began to receive increasing recognition, and in the fall of that year, he received a Red Cross Certificate of Merit Award for his photograph of a Red Cross nurse bathing a baby. Three years later, he was selected by the Photographic Society of America to be part of the First Western European Circuit Tour, an important exhibit showcasing America’s major photographic talent

     In 1946, The American Annual of Photography published Fascinator, a portrait of his eldest daughter, Barbara.  Three additional images: Boat Pattern, Boat Design, and Speedboat, were published by The Photographic Society of America between 1946-48.  

     Encouraged by his continuing success, Watson applied for and received an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain membership on April 28, 1947.  The next year, Photograms of the Year published Terminus.  

     By the end of 1951, Alfred Watson had received over 1000 print acceptances from galleries in forty-five countries and, in recognition of this accomplishment, was awarded five-star exhibitor status from the Photographic Society of America on March 15, 1952.