The majority of Alfred Watson’s images of children were those of his two daughters and their friends from the neighborhood. His photographs were timeless, revealing both the personalities and activities of children growing up in the fifties as revealed in the images below.


As a young girl leans closer to her best friend for the latest gossip, a boy stands nearby, his hands behind his back. Not a part of the “Girls’ Club” the boy accepts his outsider status and makes no attempt to get closer. Image taken in Franklin, Pennsylvania in 1946.  


Sitting on an outside stoop, three boys make their plans for the day while examining the middle child’s toy. From their woolen caps to their leather shoes, these children exemplify the freedom of children’s lives in the fifties. Taken at the artist’s home in Franklin, Pennsylvania.  


The artist’s daughter stares dreamily towards a lighted window while listening to her favorite vinyl 78.  Taken in 1949, the Victrola by her side is undoubtedly a cherished position.  The vintage carpet weave adds to the picture’s appeal.