World War II

Alfred Watson was kept on the home front during the Great War due to the critical nature of his civilian job inspecting factories producing fuel for the Allies.  Determined to serve in some way, he took pictures for the government of the Red Cross Visiting Nurse Program as well as civilian bond drives and parades.

Shore Leave
A photographer prepares to take a group photo of six Navy men on leave during the war. Dressed in their Navy blues with matching tie and white cap., thee men’s names and exact location are not known although the name Exchange Street is clearly visible on a street sign to the rear.
Buy Bonds
While customers inside the local bank complete a transaction, the sign on the bank urges passersby to support the military and “buy invasion bonds.” Image was taken during the mid-forties in Franklin, PA.
Baby’s Bath
An American Red Cross Nurse bathes a newborn at the parents’ home.