In the Fall of 1946, Alfred Watson received a job promotion and relocated his family to Cheektowaga, New York, a few miles east of Buffalo. Commuting there for his job each day, Watson continued to photograph his favorite subjects in his spare time including downtown Buffalo and the people who lived and worked there. 

This 1947 night image pictures residents shopping at a variety store named after band leader Paul Whiteman. The photo reveals a variety of products for sale including an RCA Victrola for $12.95.

In this late 1940s image, Buffalo’s Hotel Huron can be seen in the background advertising its room rate of $1.50 a day.  In the foreground, the Sunoco Oil company and Beck’s Beer signs are also visible. 

A man lights his cigarette under a lantern style light next to the entrance of the Buffalo Savings. Taken near the artist’s office in the late 1940s.

The Martin Jacobi Clothiers on Main Street is pictured with a notice of the closure of the city’s Lorenzo’s Restaurant on a nearby building.