Landscapes: Trees, Ponds and Rivers and Snow

Alfred Watson’s landscape photographs varied from stately trees to snowy fields to hidden ponds, rivers and valleys. The majority of his landscapes were taken in western Pennsylvania and New York state.

Watson always carried his favorite camera with him just in case a photo opportunity presented itself. One of his favorite locations was Letchworth State Park south of Buffalo which he photographed many times.

Almost Home, late 1940s
A snow-covered road shows the way home in upstate New York outside Olean where snowfalls of three feet are not uncommon.
Country Church, late 1940s
Framed by rows of bare winter trees, this small country church beckons the believer. Taken in upstate New York, location unknown.
Morning Stroll, early 1950s
The artist’s wife, Betty, and his youngest daughter take a leisurely walk along an inviting birch-lined trail near their Cheektowaga, NY home Watson loved birch trees and was always on the lookout for them.
Genesee River Gorge, early 1950s
This beautiful image of New York’s Genesee River was taken at Letchworth State Park, 56 miles south of the artist’s home. Known as the “Grand Canyon of the East”, the park covers 14,350 acres.