As a child growing up in Elliot, Pennsylvania north of Pittsburgh, Alfred Watson spent many hours exploring the Ohio River near his home. Yearning to travel downstream, he and his friends built a makeshift raft, however, the young boy quickly discovered that riding the craft caused a severe bout of seasickness, a malady that remained with him throughout his life. 

For this reason, the majority of his boat and water images were taken while he remained on solid ground. including the images which follow.

This late 1940s photograph reveals the serenity of Quaker Lake in New York’s Allegheny State Park.

Rowboats await a passenger in this 1952 image taken along the Lake Erie shore south of Buffalo.

Rowboats and canoes await higher water in this 1952 image taken along the Lake Erie shore, the Buffalo Lighthouse standing guard in the distance.

A damaged boat with a bulging side and broken rudder lies in a grassy field in view of an industrial park, precise location unknown.

Rowboats line the Lake Erie shoreline East of Dunkirk, NY in 1952.  This image was exhibited at numerous galleries and was published in The Photographic Society of America Annual in 1948.