Alfred Watson’s photographic goal was simple: print a quality image and have his work accepted for exhibition, a goal that he first achieved with a gallery acceptance from the Handsworth Photographic Society in Birmingham, England in September 1941.
 In the next 10 years, he had received over 1000 print acceptances and, on March 15, 1952, he received the 5-star exhibitor award from the Photographic Society of America on March 15, 1952, a remarkable accomplishment for the self-taught artist.

Watson then dedicated himself to learning the art of color photography and, in 1966, began submitting his prints to galleries. Two years later, Watson was awarded first prize for his color print Twins at the Chicago Midwest Cultural Show.

Over 35 additional print acceptance would follow until his final color print exhibit from the International Exhibition of Photography in Seattle in October 1973.

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